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Welcome to our website!
Here we will be posting our collection of fruit trees and bushes.
To publish news from our garden blog.
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Buy Handles fruit trees and bushes for grafting and rooting okulirovky

If you enjoy a variety of fruit trees or bushes,
we can order and buy Handles fruit trees and bushes for vaccination, or rooting okulirovky.

also plan to grow seedlings of some crops.


Buy fruit tree cuttings for grafting cuttings or budding


Buy fruit tree cuttings for inoculation

Buy fruit tree cuttings for grafting and budding

Buy fruit tree cuttings for grafting cuttings or budding

In our garden you can order and purchase fruit cuttings for grafting. In our directory there is a good the collection of peach varieties, cherries, pears, plums, apricot, quince, as well as other fruit trees and bushes.
The most inexpensive way to complete your collection of varieties in your garden is Cherek buying fruit grafting, for example about one long stalk 20 cm, thickness from 5mm to 12mm, which has from 4 to 20 kidney grafting or budding currently costs only 25 UAH.

Browse our website and a list of our varieties of fruit, Make your list of cuttings that you want to buy and give us a call to order and purchase cuttings of fruit trees.


How to order fruit cuttings

Order cuttings of fruit trees at any time of the year by phone, we take your reservation, and buy your desired fruit cuttings can be already in the early spring season, at the end of July or in the autumn after leaf fall, when shall fade with fruit trees and foliage cuttings fully ripen and will be ready for sale.

Purchase fruit cuttings occurs standard manner, – You are viewing the list of varieties on our website www.cherenki.kiev.ua, leave an order on one of the phones on the contacts page, we will send you by mail or cuttings for new mail in the season after the purchase of and payment for the order to the card Privat Bank.

If the order is small 200 UAH, and that our minimum order which equals 8 cuttings fruit of one sort or different sorts, it is also possible purchase option and pay cash on delivery order upon receipt at the post office.

Before ordering cuttings check out our page directory seedlings which also you can buy seedlings goji, raspberry, krondalya, seedlings of strawberries and strawberries and many other fruits and deorativnyh cultures.

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